Quick Snacks or Meals for One

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Quick Snacks or Meals for One

Post  Admin on Tue May 29, 2012 9:07 am

1. Most reasonable stores like Lidl etc will stock packs of tortillas...If you cant get them just make some pancakes minus the sugar..... Cook up some savoury minced beef....spread on tortilla and roll up....put in a baking dish and cover with cheese sauce.... lightly sprinkle with grated cheese, then bake in the oven until bubbling and nicely brown

2. Or you could treat them like turkish pizza... spread with minced beef ....leave flat and put in oven to heat through.... then sprinkle with grated cheese... add salad and roll up like a hot dog.. you can add salsa or eat with savoury dips as liked....

3. Or you could try what we had for lunch today..... Beat up an egg .... season and add some worcester sauce or hot pepper sauce or chilli flakes (basically whatever gives you a kick )and stir in grated cheese until it wont hold any more.... Then make some toast... spread a thick layer of the cheese & egg mixture on it and put it back under the grill until its brown and bubbling ...You could serve it with a side salad...

4. You need onion, liver, bacon and fresh tomato and apple......ingredients need to be cut like fine julienne strips... Quantities to suit your family and season to taste....
Finely slice onions...and gently fry till almost transparent.... add bacon , liver, apple and tomatoes...season to taste.... cooks very quickly... serve with rice / chips, / pasta / mashed potatoes or even small roasties / or fill a jacket potato with the mix

All quick , easy and delicious !!! Yummy !

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